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The Best and Unbiased Crypto Mines Review 2022

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Crypto Mines claim to be a legit investment company, but are they truly legit or one of the many investment scams out there? In this crypto mines review, we take an unbiased approach to reviewing the publicly available information to help you make an informed decision in your online investment.

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crypto mines review

CrytoMines make a lot of claims, and some truly absurd promises to their investors, but are crypto mines legit? does the crypto mines investment provide any real hope to investors? The short answer is that “crypto mines” is not legit, it is a scam designed to prey on your hopes to get you to part ways with your money.

Why do we call cryptomines a scam? dive deeper with me

The Detailed Crypto Mines Review

Date of Inception

On their homepage, “cryptomines” claim to have been online since 2017. To understand why this is important, it is key to know that the entire legitimacy of all Ponzi schemes is to make a claim of existence for long, and to question those who care to ask, “if we are a scam, how come we have survived for this long?”

cryptomines review, cryptomines scam, is cryptomines legit

Fortunately, there is an easy way to check when a website was registered, and contrary to crypto mines claims, they were not registered in 2017 and also not been online for that long, indeed, their website was registered in 2022.

cryptomines review, crypto mines review, crypto mines scam, is crypto mines legit, crypto mines investment scam
crypto mines domain information

Crypto Mines Company Registration

Almost all investment scams try so hard to prove their legitimacy, one common trick used is to scout the company house database and select an already existing company name and then create a website similar to that name, another trick is to actually register on the company house.

Understand that company house registration is very easy and can be done remotely, indeed company house even states; “We do not verify the accuracy of the information provided”. This makes company house registration a sweet spot for scammers to use to prove their legitimacy.

Here are the details you need to know

cryptomines review, cryptomines scam, is crypto mine legit

The real legit company was indeed dissolved in 2019, and yet Cryptomines is operating online and scamming people of their hard-earned money.

Crypto Mines Investment Plans

Of all the claims made by cryptomines, their investment scheme is the most interesting one. You could see a clear attempt to take crypto mining and project it to you as some ridiculously profitable business.

While crypto mining has its profit margins, however, it is not as ridiculous as the claims made by crypto mines.

cryptomines review, cryptomines investment plans, cryptomines scam, is cryptomines legit, crypto mines hyip
crytomines investment plans

These investment plans are not real, they are not legit, and they are as ridiculous as it gets. There is absolutely no way these investment plans are sustainable in the long term.

Claims by Others that “CryptoMines” is Paying

The way investment scams work is that they pay a selected few to make noise about them, indeed you may even be lucky to get paid a few times, but all they are doing is taking money from one investor and paying another investor in the hopes that more money would keep coming while scheming and keeping a part of the money for themselves.

Again, you might find websites claiming that cryptomines are paying, from experience, we do know that these websites claim they are paying because they generate their revenues from the affiliate links they provide to crypto mines.

This means, that as long as crypto mines keep paying affiliate commissions, there would be a website on this planet that would deem it paying.

This is why caution is of the essence when investing, reviewing websites before you invest is critical but more importantly, try to understand the wording being used.

Can You Confirm that Crypto Mines is a Scam?

From our detailed review of crypto mines, we can confidently say it bares all the signs of a scam, we advise you to flee away from them.

Be informed

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