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This is an unbiased, and authentic Step Epay review otherwise known as Step Epay Solutions or Step Epay for short. With the only purpose of offering you a genuine understanding of the business of and hopefully help you make informed decisions that could save your hard-earned money from the hands of fraudulent individuals. has the characteristics of a High Yield Investment Platform (HYIP) similar to other scams we have already reviewed. If you value your money, stay away from them, if you do not mind losing your money, then this might be just the perfect opportunity you are searching for to lose it.

No matter how enticing an investment offer might look, if it is fraudulent or fake, you end up losing everything, why not chose a legitimate investment platform to invest with to save you all the headache?

That said, let’s dive right into the Step Epay review and do a detailed analysis of what led us to write about them to warn you.

Step Epay review

Step Epay Investment Plans review review

This website is offering you at the very least 3.2% profits on a daily basis for 70 days, some of Step Epay investment plans run as high as 966% in 88 days and some even give you 430% in just 3 days.

Now think about it for a minute, if someone can generate 430% profits for themselves in 3 days, they would be billionaires in less than 5 years even if they start with $100 capital.

Having reviewed investment websites over and over again, we come to realize that this is the simple trick they use to get you, you thinking it’s only $50 perhaps if you could get 430% back in 3 days you could reinvest the profits and keep your capital.

There is only one problem with that, once you give them your capital, withdrawal becomes exceedingly difficult, you have zero, absolutely zero control once you give out your money to them, and yes, in some cases, you might get a portion of your money back, that in itself is used to entice you into thinking the website is legit and to encourage you to invest more.

This review is no different, they are not different from all the scams we have review whose website can not be reached any longer.

Yes, Step Epay uses high affiliate profits to entice you to encourage you to invite your family and friends, and when they have reached the target amount of funds they need, they shut down their website with no traces of them.

Step Epay Review

Step Epay Company Registration

You might be thinking, what about their company registration, can’t they be tracked using that? you might, but do you have the resources to do that?

Also do not forget that having a company registered is not enough reason to believe a website, what do other reviews say about them?

If they are registered, are they doing the business they are meant to do?

Remember, if they are registered in the United Kingdom, and are operating an investment organisation, then they need to be licensed by the Financial conduct authority, as you might have guessed, Step Epay is not licensed by the FCA.

What’s more, registering with company house can be done remotely, from all the scams we have reviewed, scammers take two approach, either use the name of an already existing company or file fake documents for registration. Registration alone, is not enough.

Step Epay Review | Conclusion

For us at Orasio, we are fairly confident that would not exist beyond 3 months, and even if it did, they would block withdrawals and only allow deposits. The entire goal is to scam you, I pray you read this before you commit your hard-earned money on fake websites, while you can enjoy some of the best online investing platforms in the world today.

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