The Best BitXtra Review 2021

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The goal of this Bitxtra review is to determine of is a legit investment platform to enable you make an informed decision.

Is BitXtra a legit investment platform? The truth is that everything on bitxtra is shady and fraudulent, if you invest your hard money there, you are going to lose it all.

bitxtra reveiw, review

Let’s find out why we call Bitxtra a scam and warn against investing on any of such a platform.

BitXtra Review | The Details

Unlike the many online investment scams we have reviewed, bitxtra does not make any claims of being a registered company, not that company registration via company house is anything to boast of, however it is important to bring to your notice that Bixtra still claimed to be based in the united kingdom.

bitxtra review, review
bitxtra location

This location detail, should not deceive you into thinking that you can actually locate Bitxra at this location, you are dealing with scammers and fraudsters here, they have no trouble lying to you about their location.

What’s more? is not a regulated business or entity, this means that if things go bad, which they definitely will, you are at the mercy of fraudsters whom you know not.

BitXtra Review | The Investment Plans

In this BitXtra review, we came across several investment plans on which were alarming. Our philosophy when reviewing such platforms has always been to determine if we can match their investment plans to any viable business at all.

Funny enough, if someone is promising you insane profits, it is either they are naive or are confident tricksters.

bitxtra review, review investment plans

Now, pause a minute and think about these plans for a minute. You really do believe that someone, somewhere, whom you do not know nor have any means to track would give you 10% profits on a day for the rest of your life?

The least plan here promises over 300% profits each month, which business really is going to offer such a rate? is it a drug business? human trafficking business? or as usual some unknown sophisticated trading bots?

The only real business is that of a Ponzi scheme, these people did not put up the website to save you or your generation from poverty? They created the website to invite you on board, get your emotions messed up and invest all you can into their platform.

You are the product, your money is all they are after.

Bitxtra Review | The Withdrawals

In this Bitxtra review, it is important we draw your attention towards some very important stuffs here; the withdrawal statistics. First things first, we know of scams that manipulate these data to make you feel like they are legit, when indeed they are not.

Then there are scams who purpose to pay you a percentage of your own money back as profits, these are the sophisticated scammers who know that by paying you something back they gain your trust and turn you into their ambassador, thereby driving in more and more members to invest so you can take your sweet 5% referral commission.

BitXtra Review | The Referral Commissions

The referral commission is like honey pot for most people, they can’t just let go of the referral commissions they stand t gain by referral people to these scams.

bitxtra review, review
bitxtra referral commission

That explain why a site is a scam, but you find many other affiliate platforms referring to them is legit or paying.

Think about it for a minute, if for instance we wrote a positive review about this platform, we could have used our affiliate links in the article and some of you would have used it to register giving us some sweet revenues.

We have even attempted using affiliate links to some of these scams before and despite all the red flags people still went ahead and register and invest knowing very well it is a scam.

BitXtra Review | Conclusion

When we write articles of these nature, we write with the hopes that we can save at least one person from harms way, that remains our goal now and forever.

If we can save at least one person, we have achieved our goal, you can help us to reach that goal by sharing this article to your friends to warn them about this scam.

Peace be unto you

Be informed

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